Beef And Mutton Packaging

At present, most fresh beef and mutton on the market is packaged in vacuum bags to meet the requirements of cold storage and preservation. Some fresh meat is packaged with plastic pallets and covered with films to prevent water loss and product pressure. Now xinda pack 7-layer co-extrusion molding high-barrier heat shrinkable bags have been widely used.

Seafood And Fish Packaging

Sea food Fish products are very prone to enzymatic spoilage and produce toxic bacteria, most fish are sold in frozen form in vacuum packages. they need to extend their shelf life as much as possible. So that xindapack vacuum pouches are widely used to pack them. keep fresh and extend longer shelf life.

Chicken Duck Meat Packaging

chicken duck meat product, are also frozen packed during delivery, in order to keep fresh and delicious taste. xinda pack vacuum pouches use the 7layer co-extrusion molding high-barrier vacuum bags, to keep product Oxygen isolation,and anti-pierce, let them have longer shelf life.

Ham And Bacon Packaging

Multilayer co-extrusion thermoforming stretch film 1. The thermoforming stretchability is good and the thickness is uniform. Even the thinner thickness of the stretched film can ensure a deeper stretching depth 2. Good barrier performance 3. good transparency, good gloss 4. Low temperature and frozen PE film and high temperature cooking PP film can meet the requirements of tensile strength, high impact resistance, strong puncture resistance, high heat sealing strength, and strong packaging resistance to damage.

Food Preservation Packaging

Food preservation packaging Protect your product in every relevant environment, including storage, shipping, and retail Ensuring quality, freshness and taste Safeguarding your food product from moisture, vapor, odor, and other potential hazards

Snack and Nut Packaging

Designed for ease and ultimate protection, these pouches are made with thick barrier materials. They feature a heat sealable zip top with tear notches, spacious gusset bottom, opaque exterior, and foil-lined interior.

Medical Packaging

Medical packaging PET AL PE material bag Different raw materials have different friction coefficients and tearing properties. According to the shape of the tablet and capsule, the appropriate material is selected to meet different characteristic requirements.

Beauty Mask Packaging

Facial mask packaging bag aluminum Foil bag 6 major standards 1.high precision printing 2.Efficient imitation 3.Pass the oxygen permeability test 4.Pass the breathability test 5.Pass the water penetration test 6.Pass peel and tensile test