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What's the differences among bags,pouches and rolls?

  • 2022-01
  • 26

Vacuum Sealer Bags:These are the pre-cut vacuum sealing bags with mesh. Normllay used on vacuum sealer;

Zipper Bags:Opened on the bottom with a re-sealable zipper closure and tear notch at top. With These bags are perfect for snacks packaging

Stand up Pouch:There is zipper at top,and guesst at bottom,can stand after packing,better performance on showing,suitable for packing all kinds of food with different materials,high cost

Retort Pouches:These bags are designed to endure long boiling times compared to traditional vacuum bags. These are compatible with chamber vacuum sealers only.Withstand 121℃ high temperature

Vacuum Sealer Rolls:Constructed with a smooth one side and an embossed texture on the othe side,that allows this bag type to be used on both suction and chamber machines alike. The beauty of the roll is that you can create whatever size bag you need right on the spot when you need it! Simply:

1.Cut the roll to desired length

2.Seal one end

3.Fill bag

4.Use just like you would a pre-cut bag!