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  • 2023-04
  • 26

Our first exhibition in 2023 will be held in Russia.Welcome everyone to visit!

Exhibition Name:RosUpack & Pintech, Russia

Exhibition Time:6-9 June 2023

Exhibition website: https://rosupack.com/ru/

Xindapak ,a printing and packaging solutions provider,has been part of this event for a long time because we design and produce tailor-made packaging systems for the plastic industry. In this exhibition, we will showcase 4star products:

1. Fully degraded paper-plastic packaging film (Paper+PLA)

Adopting brand new PLA materials, a new generation of carefully developed formulas. Advanced automated production equipment with good transparency, strong stretching force, and high resilience.

2. PET/HSPET single material easy to recycle material, modified atmosphere packaging film, sealing film for matching modified atmosphere machines

The products of the modified atmosphere series adopt vacuum rapid cooling and antibacterial treatment, which can effectively control microbial pollution and re pollution, prevent food oxidation, and extend the shelf life of food.

3. MDOPE/PE single material easy to recycle material

single recyclable plastic packaging bag-PE composite PE coating process digital printing independent self-sealing bag.Choose 4 main reasons: clear printing; Easy to tear off design, convenient and fast; Thickened bottom, strong three-dimensional sense of the bag, and good upright performance; Environmentally friendly materials

4. Oven cooking bag PET/PA/RCPP

Food grade cooking bags By using the technology of freezing crystals to lock in freshness, the original flavor of the ingredients is preserved. No need to open the bag, no need to thaw the innovative heat convection circulation heating bag, providing consumers with safe, stable, portable, and delicious frozen fast food. You can also eat directly in the bag, without the hassle of washing dishes and cooking. According to the customized needs of customers,suitable for packaging various pre made vegetables.

In addition, we will also showcase other products such as thermoforming Film; Upper film and Bottom film; Modified Atmosphere Packaging Roll Film; Automatic Packaging VFFS Roll Film;

The finish product has: Medium/High Barrier Embossed Vacuum Bag/Embossed Vacuum Roll; Co-Extrusion/Composite Custom Printing Bag;


Our products are deeply loved by Xinda customers in the field of food packaging. Xinda Company has never stopped developing innovative food packaging.

Xindapak will be waiting for you here and looking forward to meeting you!



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